The Birth Of Orion
It's our mission to redefine high quality street branding by creating original products. Orion was born because of the lack of originality and passion from the world we live in today. So lets come together as a community and go beyond our limitations.

O-Nations very first Ambassador. A brief introduction to Andreea Vladut. She's from Bucharest, Romania. She has her on make-up business called NOIR and she is very passionate about her following. She is a great role model and shows great leadership, here is an example of that of which she showed me.

Leadership has a different meaning for everyone. The ability to motivate, set good examples, and persevere through adversity are all parts of leadership. Some people may think that being a leader is only for a select amount people. I see leadership differently. I think everyone is capable of being a leader. There are also various ways that an individual can practice leadership. Obvious examples are the ability to speak, ability to motivate, and the ability to be a good role model. I see the ability of being a good role model and having good character as the foundation of leadership.


Meet O-Nation's Ambassador Ciara. She's from Ohio. She loves fishing, hunting, playing the piano, guitar, beatbox. She models outside of her YouTube. She really just want to continue what she's doing. Which is making people happy and smile. She's has a huge love for dogs. Dogs are her life and she's obsessed with fashion. 

One of the reasons I chose Ciara as my next ambassador was her knowledge skill set. Knowledge accounts for the success of people. The more knowledgeable you are, the more advantage you have over the other people. The better you are equipped to manage yourself and others, the easier your journey of life. More than anything, knowledge must be put to good use.

 There is no use of such knowledge that paves way for one’s own destruction, Knowledge should let you take the right course in life in a way useful to yourself and the society at large.Great men and women have put their knowledge to good use and have reached exalted heights being remembered for long on this earth. Knowing the importance of knowledge, people must look to the potential avenues to gain knowledge and make use of it positively.





Meet O-Nation's Ambassador Virginia, but I like to call her Alexis her middle name. 

I knew there was something special about her from the conversations we were having. I feel like we were in sync about Orion‘s mission, for someone to be on the same level of thinking like that I had no choice but to recruit her.

She has so much heart, loving spirit for the Brand and the support that this company is looking for. A simple phrase with a lot of significance, following your heart is something that a lot of people identify with but very few ever take action to make a reality. Those of us that do are met with great challenges that seek to knock us off of our horse and back into the boring trudge of a ‘normal’ life.

 But the reality is, life is tough for all of us, no matter who you are or what you’re doing with your life. So, why not follow your dreams? Why not meet the challenges head-on instead of hiding in wait for them to spring up on you? Ultimately, either way, the two of you will meet. The only difference is whether you’ve decided to live out your dreams and be true to yourself or not. This is the truth about what it actually takes to follow your heart.